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We are the Namaqua Unitarian Universalist Congregation (NUUC) of Loveland, Colorado 
— a church of open minds, helping hands, loving hearts, gutsy creativity and feet that walk our talk 

NUUC Vision:  Our vision is to radiate love, peace and justice.

Our Mission:  The Namaqua Unitarian Universalist Congregation fosters a beloved community that celebrates diversity, strives for peace and justice, acts mindfully for the good of the planet, and inspires spiritual growth through a free and loving search for truth and meaning.

We are Unitarian Universalist, Humanist, Christian, Pagan, Agnostic, Atheist, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, believers in God and more. We welcome all people who honor the seven UU Principles (listed on our Unitarian Universalist page )regardless of age, income, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or lack thereof.

We have been a religious voice in Loveland since 2000 and we welcome your search for personal spirituality.


Come join this community of fellow searchers on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. at our church at 745 E 5th Street, on the corner of Pierce and E 5th Streets (just north of the Chilson Recreation Center)

Topics of Sunday Services for December 2017: 

December 3: Humanism and Hope

Rev. Laurel Liefert and Worship Associate Brenda Christiansen

This service will explore the relationship between humanism and hope. Where can hope be found for those whose worldview does not include the existence of any God/ gods? We will be covenanting with our new members this Sunday in an Ingathering ceremony.


December 10: Christianity

Rev. Laurel Liefert and Worship Associate Angela Arvola

We will continue our series on the various “theologies” that make up the diverse creedless faith of Unitarian Universalism.


December 17: Preparing for the Longest Night

Rev. Laurel Liefert, Worship Associate Kim Skyelander,

and CoDirector of Religious Education Amber Lamb

As is our tradition here at Namaqua, this morning’s multigenerational service will include a participatory ritual in which we will build several wreaths together, adorning them with our wishes for the coming year.

Then on Thursday evening, December 21st from 5:00 to 7:00 PM, the longest night of the year, we will burn the wreaths. In earth‐ based ritual, story, and song, we will acknowledge the origins of this holiday season. For more information about this event, talk to Rev. Laurel Liefert. (970-685-0427).


December 24 (10:00 AM): Family Service

Carols, Cookies, Cocoa, & Camaraderie

Rev. Laurel and CoDirectors of Religious Education

This year Christmas Eve is on a Sunday, so we will have our family celebration during our regular Sunday morning worship time. We return to simpler times as we come together for stories and song, both serious and fun. Please join us in Parker Hall after the service for cocoa and cookies organized by Fun and Fellowship.

December 24 (5:30 PM): Silence, Story, Poetry & Song

Rev. Laurel Liefert and Worship Associate Kimberly Jeries

You are invited to an early evening contemplative service. We will take this time to be quiet, peaceful, and grateful together. We will close the service with a candlelight ceremony in the dark as we sing “Silent Night.”


December 31: Hope From Both Sides

Worship Associates Peter Schenk and Janet Gillette

 We will examine the challenges and benefits of hope in our lives on the eve of a new year. Hope helps us to see an extension of an existing good situation and gives us patience when in a challenging situation. Hope may also have some drawbacks, but mostly it gives us the courage to create a situation we envisage.


 A home for spiritual growth, free thought, and loving action


Reverend Laurel Anne Snyder Liefert